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Email: , Ph. +1 (647) 608-1949

3-DP-1/2 (Humphrey)

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3-DP-1/2 (Humphrey/Fabco-air)

Brand : Fabco-air
Product Series : Humphrey Interchange (H-series)
Bore-Size : 2-1/2"
Mounting : Pivot-Mount
Type : Double-Acting
Stroke-Size : 1.5"

Advantages of H-series Fabco-air cylinders:

Stainless steel barrel (Type 304) with low-friction surface and polished finish for effective lubrication and durability.
Aluminum heads with internal grooves for optimal airflow to piston seals.
303 stainless steel piston rod with easy wrench contact and roll-formed threads for strength.
Unique Fabco piston design with optional bumpers, offering versatility without compromising dimensions.
Buna N seals (standard) and Fluorocarbon (Viton) seals (optional) for high temperature and demanding conditions.
Oil permeated bronze rod bushing for smooth, low-friction movement and extended cylinder life.
Full, unrestricted pressure ports for maximum air flow, ensuring fast cylinder response.
High tensile strength music wire return springs for longer life.
Spacers for uniform spring rate and maximum lifespan.
Burnished and bright zinc plated accessories like mounting nuts, brackets, and rod clevises.